Abandoned Force Temple

Location Name: Abandoned Force Temple

Galactic Location: somewhere in the Outer Rim or Unknown/Wild Space


Lightside? Darkside? Both? Grey? All?

The temple is protected by an indigenous tribe with a strong Force Sensitive tradition. Force users are present and can use Force powers: Force based hunters, advisors, and patrols. Not everyone is a Force user, because that would be crazy, but there are quite a few and Force use is an integral part of their coming of age and rites of initiation – finding and fostering such ability as a benefit to the tribal community is a sacred thing to them.

Only the Force Sensitives and the tribal leaders may enter the temple grounds for it is sacred ground to them because those beyond death speak to them about the Force and other amazing things.

Is the temple in a safe place? Perhaps it is in a very unstable condition: fault line, volcano or lava flows, a rushing river eroding the ground underneath its supports? Is there a timer for when the PC’s get there? Ancient beacons calling on those who do not belong? Ancient defenses to defend against those who do not belong?

Asociated Planet: somewhere in the Outer Rim or Unknown/Wild Space

Environmental Descriptors
(sights, sounds, smells, feelings)

  • Eerily quiet
  • Dusty
  • Like the walls have eyes
  • A feeling of ?? is seeps through and pervades your every moment here


Associated Organizations

  • ?

Associated NPC’s

  • ?

Location Modifiers


+ 1 bd

Who belongs here?

+ 2 bd

Actions w/bonus

+ 3 bd


+ 1 sbd

Who does not belongs here?

+ 2 sbd

Actions w/penalty

+ 3 sbd


Why is this Location Useful or Interesting?

See Plot Points below for the many possibilities.

Normal Patrons: Who comes here and why?

Location Outcasts: Who does not belong here and why?

Plot Points:
What are the adventure hooks or what could drive an adventure here?

  • Finding the Temple

    • Are others also searching for this? Is there a race to find it or loot it or protect it or blow it up from orbit?
    • Is the path to the temple very difficult or dangerous – rodents of unusual size, radioactively enlarged killer bees swarms, violent storms, poisonous gasses, killer plants or wild life, radiation storms, force enraged vorpal bunnies who still like a good green tea with their blood soaked feasting?
  • Lost Force temple

    • Holocrons? Lightside or Darkside knowledge?
    • Lightsaber crystals? Lightsabers? Lightsabers of ancient design or rediscovered technology?
    • Books, datapads, or holocrons with lost knowledge and Force traditions?
    • Ancient relics, art, or history of Force traditions?
    • Is someone still there who practices the ancient ways and who has Force secrets that are not available in the temple’s resources, perhaps only to those who are found worthy?
    • Is the Force tradition still alive and well? Perhaps it is present through a small secluded cabal of Force users who watches over the temple and the way the tribe evolves once they have access to the Force through the temple, protecting it and the tribe?
  • Lost Civilization

    • Local star charts and new hyperspace lanes?
    • Geographical maps of the planet and its resources and other civilizations (now lost?)?
    • History of the world and local system? Long lost civilizations?
    • Are there links to the lost civilization’s other outposts or planets if any? Are they potential allies or threats? Is there a timer for when they will return? Are there ways to call, summon, or to dissuade them? Do they have cake?

Abandoned Force Temple

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