Argaron Nebula

Major Location Name: Argaron Nebula

Galactic Location: J14

1 sector to the east of Phu, south of the Correlian Trade Spine. The nebula is located in the northeastern section of that quadrant.

Major Location Description:

The Argaron Nebula, a very dense and charged nebula, is a riot of color and is littered by the remnants of long since destroyed planets – small and medium asteroids travel through the nebula randomly creating spontaneous asteroid showers or slow moving rocky rivers. The few larger and slow moving asteroids that are found are sometimes used to home to those who wish to not be found or as homes to rather large spacefaring creatures. The occasional raging energy storm can build up and raise havoc with ships and life, but can usually be mitigated by reinforced shields.

The unique chemistry of the nebula makes it very difficult to travel through via hyperspace and greatly interferes with sensor readings, which is why it has remained unexplored for thousands of years, although, as has been recently realized, there are valuable gasses here which are hard to find elsewhere.

The Nebula grants bonuses to ion based combat and penalties for ship crits, sensors, astrogation, and laser based combat which makes combat or travel through the nebula dangerous for those who are not truly prepared.

Location’s Environmental Descriptors

(sights, sounds, smells, feelings)

  • Riot of color
  • Charged storms
  • Electrical and sensor problems
  • Asteroid fields

Associated Locations

  • Pradoxis Mining Station (PMS) (GMC)
  • The Perch (Restai Tox)

Associated Organizations

  • Goota Mining Corp (GMC)
  • Restai Tox (trandoshan pirates)
  • Empire (sparse)

Associated NPC’s

  • Rax Yar (Givin – PMS Manager)
  • Randith Sazt (Restai Tox leader)

Location Modifiers

+ 1 bd


+ 2 bd

Ion based combat

+ 3 bd


+ 1 sbd


+ 2 sbd

Laser based combat

+ 3 sbd


Charged Criticals: +15% ship criticals as the charged atmosphere overloads through the shields and messes with electronic systems. If choosing a system component for a critical then start with electronic systems before mechanical systems. Reinforced or specially tuned shields can reduce or remove this penalty.

Current Social and Political Situation

Gas Mining: The Givin mining company, Goota Mining Corp (GMC), which is based out of their home world of Yag’Dhul (L14) – to the north of the Nebula on the Corellian Trade Spine – has lightly surveyed the nebula and has brought in a high tech gas mining station.

Pirates: The Restai Tox, a trandoshan pirate crew, which uses the nebula’s unique chemistry to raid ships that venture too far into the nebula makes the nebula their home. Their lair, which they have reinforced against the dangers of the nebula, is in a large slow moving asteroid within a dense cloud formation. Their ships are also well reinforced to handle the rigors of travel and combat in the nebula (not affected by charged criticals or sensor setback, at least until they are crit’ed). With such technology very well at hand it makes you wonder who is funding their work and why?

Empire: There is also a new found but so far limited presence by the Empire in the nebula. What do they want in the nebula?

Conflicts and Issues (local or planetary):

The Restai Tox have been raiding supply shipments to and from the Pradoxis Mining Station causing much consternation for the Givin miners and have also hit a few of the sparse Imperial ships. They have also sent ships deep into the nebula.

Argaron Nebula

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