Goota Mining Corporation (GMC)

Organization Name: Goota Mining Corporation (GMC)


The Goota Mining Corporation (GMC) is a Givin mining corporation which is based out of their home planet of Yag-dahl (L14). Their approach to gas mining is highly academic and research based, but yet is still grounded in actual mining experience and expertise.

Most of the management is Givin, although, those people who are sufficiently academic, math-minded, or unusually gifted in their field have also found a home here, and, once that happens, there is no end to the work available to them. Non-Givin personnel are more heavily vetted in case they are a corporate spy, rebel, or Imperial agent in order to try to keep the business running without complications.

They also employ Ugnaughts for their smaller size, hardiness, and mechanical aptitude; Verpine, for their attention to detail and their ability to communicate without technology which is especially useful in places where technology may not work so well. The rest of their work force fills up with the variable galactic races as needed. In any given work party there are: Givin supervisors and leads, at least 1 or 2 Verpine, a few Ugnaughts, and any other workers as needed.

Headquarters: Yag-Dahl (L14)

Race: Givin


  • profit driven
  • calculating
  • professional
  • experts
  • corporate centric

Associated Location(s):

  • Pradoxis Mining Station (PMS) in the Argaron Nebula (J14)

Associated NPC’s

  • Rax Yar (Givin – PMS Manager)

Organization Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Givin, Miners, GMC Corporate Rep

+ 2 bd

Nebula Research, Nonthreatening Academics or Researchers

+ 3 bd

Corporate Management or Top Level GMC Researchers

+ 1 sbd

Anyone not on official mining or corporate business

+ 2 sbd

Empire, Rebels

+ 3 sbd

Competing corporation or anyone who is looking to take advantage of or to harm their station or corporation: competing mining corp agents, hyperlane pioneers, surveyors, etc.

Why is this Organization Useful or Interesting?
Who do they support and who do they oppose, and why? What do they hope to accomplish long term and short term?

They oppose the Rebellion and the Empire and anyone who would seek to inhibit their work (research or mining) or corporate progress.

They have access to a vast database of gas mining data, nebula and nebula research and maps, high-tech mining technology and techniques, other related academic pursuits.

They are currently working to monopolize the market share for the rare gasses that are present in abundance in a few difficult to mine nebulae as a method to position their company for strong long-term contracts. This is a large capital investment to which they hope will pay off in the long term even though short term profits are hurting due to shifting so many of their resources to this new endeavor. As a result of this shift of resources their normal gas mining productions has decreased which has resulted in some strikes, protests, and other unsavory happenings, none of which pleases corporate, but they are willing to endure these as a short term annoyance assuming the rare gas mining in the nebulae turns out well.

Normal Members:
Who comes here and why?

Those who need access to gasses, gas miners, gas mining equipment, nebula and gas mining research and maps, other businesses involved with gas mining, politicians, etc.

Organizational Outcasts:
Who does not belong here and why?

Rebels, Imperial agents, agents from other corporations, miscreants, misfits, and other rabble-rousers, etc

Plot Points:
What are the adventure hooks or what could drive an adventure here?

  • Standard Work

    • Escort a researcher into a nebula
    • Survey or map out a nebula
    • Escort a ship with staff or cargo to a mining or research station to protect them from pirates or other corporate interference
    • Defeat pirates or other attackers to shipments or staff transit
    • gas explosion in a storage container or cargo vessel
  • Counter-Espionage

    • a murder of GMC staff
    • research has gone missing or has been deleted
    • mysterious transmissions from a corporate site
    • mysterious transmissions coming from the nebula
    • hunt out corporate espionage or mole
  • Assist in Corporate Espionage

    • sabotage a rival corps work or hijack a shipment
    • steal a rival corp’s works, staff, prototype
    • Sabotage or steal GMC, facilities, products, work or staff

Goota Mining Corporation (GMC)

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