Lt. Cmdr. Dalz Farrth

NPC Name: Lt. Cmdr. Dalz Farrth

What makes them stand out or memorable: quirks, mannerisms, clothes, fetish?

Lt. Cmdr. Farrth is you typical racist, rabidly loyal, and war wounded Imperial flight officer.

Crew cut hair, strong jaw, and dark eyes. Is stronger than your average flight officer.

He has a clearly cybernetic left arm to which his uniforms are tailored, so that it shows his arm off as a badge of honor. Lt Cmdr. Farrth lost his arm while attempting to defend his ship from a rebel boarding. He pissed off the rebel Wookie as they were attempting to take the pilot’s cabin. It did tear his arm off and he lived to tell the story. =O His heroics, loyalty, and blood loss delayed the rebels enough to allow his crew to repel the boarders and capture a few rebels.

Race: Human

Occupation: Imperial Shuttle/Cargo Pilot/Supervisor/Captain

Organization: Empire

Associated Location(s):

  • Imperial Shuttle/Cargo Ship

Associated NPC’s

  • ?

Social Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Imperial who has receive a noticeable wound fighting against the Rebels.

+ 2 bd

Imperial Shuttle/Cargo Pilots; human gladiator or hunter who kills non-humans for sport

+ 3 bd

Imperial Shuttle/Cargo Pilot who has receive a noticeable wound fighting against the Rebels; Decorated Imperial fighter pilots with many kills; famous human gladiator or hunter who kills non-humans for sport, specifically Wookies.

+ 1 sbd

Fighter Pilots (adrenaline and glory jocks)

+ 2 sbd

Rebel; Non-humans; attempts to by-passing his security protocols;

+ 3 sbd

Wookie Rebel

Why is this NPC Useful or Interesting?
What do they hope to accomplish long term and short term? Why do you fear them?

He is notoriously strict when it comes to security protocols and always carries a sidearm even when sleeping. “Those filthy rebels could attack at any time now. When you least expect it!”

He would have no qualms making the call to kill a rebel or non-human, or anyone suspected of harboring or assisting the Rebellion; not quite bloodthirsty, but could be driven to it.

To those who he is partial to he could be easily coaxed to tell a story or two about, especially if you ask about his cybernetic arm.

He often bets on human gladiators who slaughter non-humans, especially Wookies, in bloody ways. Is a bit knowledgeable of the history of Kashyyyk due to his extreme dislike of Wookies.

Associated Organizations:
Who do they work with or support and why?

Empire: prefers working with shuttle and cargo crews because they are smaller so he has better control and oversight over what is going on. He can be more aware of his crew’s weaknesses with a smaller crew and try to shore them up, get them in shape, or replace them.

Who do they at war with, thwart, avoid, not work with, and why?

Rebels or anyone who speaks out against the Empire.

Anyone suspected of even trying to bypass any Imperial security protocols.

Who do they work with or support and why?


Imperial Shuttle/Cargo crews and captains. Shuttle and Cargo crews is a somewhat thankless job with very little reward, but it is no less important a position. They deserve more credit than they receive.

Plot Points:
What are the adventure hooks or what could drive an adventure here? What can you do for them? What do they have or have access to? What do they need? What can they do for you?

  • Might be found assaulting or intimidating a non-human almost anywhere
  • Pilot or Captain of an Imperial shuttle or cargo freighter
  • May be found in an Imperial officer lounge on a space station or dock drinking an Selonian Lar Tal (aged at least 15 years) which can be hard to find outside of Selonian controlled worlds or establishments.
  • He is oft times put in charge of ships that require a little more security, paranoia, or protection
  • May be found in a dive bar betting on a human gladiator and watching gladiatorial games, especially if wookies are being killed
  • Piloting prisoner transports to and from Kashyyyk
  • May have disgruntled former crew member(s) who were replaced and feels somewhat jilted by the Lt. Cmdr.

Lt. Cmdr. Dalz Farrth

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