Paragons of Rummat

Associated Planet: Devaron
Race: Devaronians (85%) – a few non-Devaronians

Organizational Description:

The Nature Goddess, Rummat

Rummat is an ancient, peaceful, and nature-centered Devaronian goddess whose practice is somewhat analogous to a modern matriarchal Druidic cult.  Over the last decade or so many temples dedicated to Rummat, called Dens of Rummat, have sprung up all around Devaron and have taken a life of their own. These temples act as worship centers, spiritual centers, theological and retreat centers, or nature education centers and tour guides. Due to the fall of the Emperor and the harm that the Empire has inflicted up Devaron and its people over the years, especially now with the increasing crackdowns under self-proclaimed Moff Jaze, the worship of Rummat has risen risen from the ashes of historical obscurity to become somewhat accepted in mainstream Devaronian society today.

"The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

Princess Leia to Admiral Tarkin: EP IV

The Paragons of Rummat

The Paragons of Rummat are an underground militant activist organization bent on saving Devaron and its people no matter the cost. Even with the increasing social support among Devaronians for the worship of Rummat the Paragons are still not a large organization. At most, it has a handful of well functioning and well funded militant cells acting against the Empire or anyone that would despoil or abuse Devaron's natural world. They have not only acted against Imperial targets, but also corporate targets that they deem to have abused Devaron. For them, this is a holy crusade to save their beloved Rummat, the spiritual embodiment of Devaron, from the harms of the pestilence of the sentient, especially the Imperial infestation.

As part of this movement the Paragons have sponsored a string of Dens in strategic locations. The Paragons keeps a strict separation between their sponsored public temples and their militant work so as to not endanger either. Some of their Dens are in population centers and some are so deep in the forests that unless you know exactly where it is you will never find it.  Most indirectly act as info gathering centers through passive surveillance tech planted there.  Those who work the temples know nothing of the militant work and some of the temple members even really disavow the crude and crass militants and their work.

Organization Modifiers

+ 1 bd Devaronian; Nature centered race or religion; seeking to enjoy the beauty of Devaron
+ 2 bd plants or animals; info on Rummat or other nature centered Devaronian religions or movements; anti-Imperial sentiment
+ 3 bd Nature Centered (non-Dark side) Force Sensitive
+ 1 sbd Callous towards nature or towards Rummat
+ 2 sbd Imperial;  actively harmed the Devaron's natural world; working against their missions or goals
+ 3 sbd Imperial who has actively harmed Devaron, its people, or its environment

Associated Location(s):

  • Colonies, Devaron, Duluur Sector (M13)

Associated NPC’s

  • Hamne Nohk (leader of the Paragons of Rummat)

Why is this Organization Useful or Interesting?

Who do they support and who do they oppose, and why? What do they hope to accomplish long term and short term?

  • They wish to inspire Devaronians to fight back against the Empire and to drive them from the planet, and to treat Devaron’s natural world with respect
  • They wish to protect Devaron's natural world from exploitation and abuse
  • They also wish to promote the worship of their goddess Rummat as a way of gaining and educated a sympathetic populace that will support them and reject the Empire
  • They wish to hinder the Empire in whatever way they can
  • They are also a font of religious, theological, and religiously historical information as well as knowledge of Devaron's geography and its flora and fauna.

Normal Members:

Who comes here and why?

  • Devaronians who wish to free Devaron from the Empire
  • Devaronians who wish to preserve Devaron's natural world
  • Those who have an incredible lust for the natural world and its knowledge

Organizational Outcasts:

Who does not belong here and why?

  • Non-Devaronians
  • Imperials

Paragons of Rummat

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