Pradoxis Mining Station (PMS)

Location Name: Pradoxis Mining Station (PMS)

Galactic Location:

The Pradoxis Mining Station is found within the outer northeastern layers (~ 25% into) of the dangerous Argaron Nebula.


It seems that no expense was spared in the construction of the brand new Pradoxis Mining Station (PMS) – newest technology, some areas have the new construction smell. It was quickly erected, reinforced (nebula’s charged criticals is negated in the station), and brought into the nebula for mining and research by the Givin run Goota Mining Corporation (GMC) which is based out of Yag-dahl (L14).

The Station is separated into 3 basic sections:

  • Clean Quarter

    • Management Offices
    • Research Labs and Libraries
    • Station Tech Maintenance
    • Security
    • Quarters and Common Areas
  • Mining Quarter

    • Gas Mining
    • Gas Storage
    • Mechanical Maintenance
    • Security
    • Quarters and Common Areas
  • Dock Quarter

    • Clean Docks
    • Mining and Gas Docks
    • Ship Repair and Retrofit Shop
    • Security
    • Quarters and Common Areas

Its personnel are careful to follow security protocols especially when it comes to their research areas. They are not very welcoming of outsiders who have not been vetted by and approved of by corporate headquarters. They are rather suspicious of the intent of others when they arrive unannounced, although mathematicians and other non-threatening academics and researchers tend to have a slightly better reception.

Location’s Environmental Descriptors
 (sights, sounds, smells, feelings)

  • Industrious
  • Streamlined
  • Precise
  • Clean
  • Always being watched
  • Suspicious
  • A faint hint of a gas
  • Professional


  • Givin (50%)
  • Ugnaught (10%)
  • Verpine (10%)
  • Others (30%)

Associated Organizations

  • Goota Mining Corp (GMC)

Associated NPC’s

  • Rax Yar (Givin – PMS Manager)
  • Drin Grax (Research Director of Charged Nebula Astrogation Research Division ( CNARD )

Location Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Givin, Miners, GMC Corporate Rep

+ 2 bd

Nebula Research, Nonthreatening Academics or Researchers

+ 3 bd

Corporate Management or Top Level GMC Researchers

+ 1 sbd

Anyone not on official mining or corporate business

+ 2 sbd

Empire, Rebels

+ 3 sbd

Competing corporation or anyone who is looking to take advantage of or to harm their station or corporation: competing mining corp agents, hyperlane pioneers, surveyors, etc.

Why is this Location Useful or Interesting?

  • Argaron Nebula research
  • Rare gasses
  • Access to the Giving Mining Corporation (GMC)
  • Access to high-tech proprietary gas mining gear
  • A really out-of-the-way place to hide

Normal Patrons: Who comes here and why?

The only people who are truly welcome here are GMC staff and their vetted gas miners. Some non-GMC researchers or academics may be accepted short term to research the nebula, but will still be watched over to ensure there is not any funny business.

Location Outcasts: Who does not belong here and why?

The Goota Mining Corporation (GMC) tries hard to remain neutral in galactic affairs by staying clear of the Empire and the Rebellion, for any entanglements with either can severely hurt profits or research progress. They try to prevent any sort of drama and, therefore, anyone who shows up to the station who is not vetted by GMC management is going receive a rather cold and heavily secured reception.

Plot Points:

What are the adventure hooks or what could drive an adventure here?

  • Standard Stuff

    • Damaged research or cargo ship is stranded in the nebula from a miscalculated hyperspace jump
    • Explorers or researchers stranded in a ship damage by asteroids or an energy storm (still in it field or storm?)
    • Escort a researcher into the nebula
    • Survey or map out the nebula
    • Escort a ship to the mining station to protect them from pirates
    • Capture an Imperial ship which is traveling through the nebula and find out what they are doing in the nebula
    • Capture creatures native to the nebula
    • Negotiate help from or a treaty with the pirates
    • Defeat the pirates
  • Corporate Espionage

    • research has gone missing or has been deleted
    • gas explosion in a storage container or cargo vessel
    • a murder of GMC staff
    • mysterious transmissions from the station
    • mysterious transmissions coming from the nebula

Pradoxis Mining Station (PMS)

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