Temple of Eedit (canon)


Location: Devaronian forests outside city of Ti-karoo.

Historical Notes: Former Jedi training temple on  Devaron which is set upon a Light Side vergence in the Force. During the Clone Wars it was set up as a Republic military surveillance outpost which was lightly staffed by a Jedi and his apprentice. It was attacked by separatists droids and by Dooku and his apprentice, Oppress. The Temple was eventually destroyed following the rising of the Empire. Luke even trained here in its ruins (0ABY).

Description: Now the temple grounds are in ruins.

Environmental Descriptors

(sights, sounds, smells, feelings)

  • Feelings of peace and tranquility
  • the Light Side flows strong here
  • Although a light sense of unease pervades

Location Modifiers

+ 1 bd


Light Side Force Users


+ 2 bd Light Side Force Use; medicine for healing


+ 3 bd  
+ 1 sbd  
+ 2 sbd Dark Side Force Users
+ 3 sbd



Light Side Vergence: Flip a Dark Side Destiny Point over to Light each round

Why is this Location Useful or Interesting?

What may draw people or adventure here?

  • Light Side Vergence of the Force
  • Clone War Era Former Jedi Temple
  • Small Clone War Engagement with Separatist droids and Jedi/Padawan vs Dooku/Oppress
  • Former Republic Surveillance Post

Normal Patrons: Who comes here and why?

  • Abandoned??

Location Outcasts:

Who does not belong here and why?

  • Abandoned ??
  • Dark Side Force Users due to Light Side Vergence

Temple of Eedit (canon)

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