Devaron (Canon)


Colonies, Duluur Sector (M13)


95% Devaronians, 5% other


Technology, consumable goods, entertainment

Exports: Wanderers (primarily male Devaronians)

Basic Planetary Description

Devaron, which is home to the Devaronians, is a planet that located just off the Correllian Trade Spine and is a wild forested planet with rivers, mountains, and deep valleys. Many Force Sensitives are found within the Devaronian people even though they did NOT develop their own Force traditions. Environmental reverence and protection is a strong cultural/racial ideal. Men have strong wanderlust and wander throughout the galaxy and the women stay behind which resulted in a strong and harsh matriarchal government with strict capital punishment laws.

Preservation of the environment was a cultural phenomenon that was woven into Devaronian society, allowing the planet to retain its natural beauty. Male Devaronians, prone to wanderlust, explored the jungles of Devaron, while the females maintained and built cities and societies which would stand the test of time. The jungles of Devaron were notable for their thick tangles of vines that spread across the landscape. Arching over entire jungles, the vines would be utilized as walkways and bridges, as they linked hills and spanned valleys. Wildlife valued the shelter provided by the thick masses of vines, and the biosphere of Devaron was rich with animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Location’s Environmental Descriptors

(sights, sounds, smells, feelings)

  • Greenery everywhere
  • Tangles of vines
  • Hot and Steamy
  • Bird and animal sounds
  • A feeling of unease or being watched (Imperials)
  • A feeling of unrest and suspiciousness (locals towards the Imperials)

Socio-Political Situation

Following the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader the Imperial command and control of the galaxy began to stutter and it was up to the individual officers and governors to assume and maintain control in whatever way possible, and Devaron was no different. The human Planetary Governor, Bradyn Jaze, that was ruling over Devaron for the Empire embraced this with bravado. Shortly after the news of the deaths of the Emperor and Darth Vader rippled through Imperial outlets to him he assigned himself the title of Moff and took control of all sector forces, including the Star Destroyer ‘Scourge II’, and began a rather militant crackdown on the populace of Devaron to ensure that any rebel sympathies were suppressed until the Empire reassembled itself, and he was able to step back in with a, hopefully, great reward for maintaining the sector free of rebel problems.

In addition to the rather militant crackdown on Devaron, Moff Jaze is known for going on extravagant wildlife hunts and has also enacted laws denying the native Devaronians the ability to grow their own food without permits, authorization, and increased taxation to help support the "Empire's economic needs to defeat the accursed Rebels". All of that, tied with the fear of increasing pockets of a new disease affecting Devaron to which the Empire has limited medicines for has resulted in a tremendous increase in rebellion sympathies, unrest, outcries, protests, and a potentially explosive socio-political situation which has set all sides on edge.

Environmental/Social Modifiers

+ 1 bd or other Devaroniansnature centered race (i.e.Ithorian) or religion
+ 2 bd rebel sympathisers
+ 3 bd Plants or animals
+ 1 sbd hiding since Imperials are looking for non-Devaroniansnon-Devaronians and non-Imperials as possible rebels and spies
+ 2 sbd Imperials vs Rebel sympathisers
+ 3 sbd marring Devaron's nature

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Devaron (Canon)

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