Elysium Syndicate

Organizational Description:

The Elysium Syndicate is a new (~4 year old) criminal organization based out of Devaron whose  top echelon and quite a bit of the middle management is also Devaronian. The rest of the management and various help is made of up the multifarious galactic races. The Elysium Syndicate was formed by an opportunistic Devaronian clan, N'vinaask, working within the Black Sun during the blaster fire and bloodshed of its death throws following the murder of Prince Xixor. As an organization they prefer a sophisticated approach for day-to-day operations, technologically and otherwise, reserving the more brutal aspects of being a crime syndicate for when it is really needed. When brutality is required they make sure that maximum force is applied so that at a message of an overkill flavor of retribution is received by all.

Seeing the perfect opportunity following Prince Xixor's death the clan brutally tore control of much of the Black Sun's interests in the Duluur sector (M13) and some of the surrounding sectors from Black Sun loyalists. The most useful business interest they acquired was the legitimate prisoner/slave transport business, Zissakh Vrass Transport, which also has convenient and lucrative contracts with the Empire. They use this business as a cover for their more illicit work in spice and weapons smuggling as well as “human” trafficking. Working with prisoner/slave transport has given them access to areas that most other businesses do not have access to like the Imperial controlled world of Kaleda (in the same sector as Devaron) which is home to repulsor and speeder manufacturing, weapons factories like Arakyd Industries, and secret experimental Imperial weapons research facilities.

Associated Planet: Devaron

Race: Devaronians (60%) Others (40%)

Associated Location(s):

  • Duluur Sector (M13) (Devaron) and surrounding sectors

Associated NPC’s

Organization Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Smugglers or slavers or prisoner transport

+ 2 bd

former Black Sun associates; weapons, spice, or slaves; black market contacts

+ 3 bd


+ 1 sbd

General law enforcement

+ 2 sbd

former Black Sun associates

+ 3 sbd


Why is this Organization Useful or Interesting?

Who do they support and who do they oppose, and why?What do they hope to accomplish long term and short term?

  • Illicit Work

    • Smuggling expertise and network for selling guns, spice, and slaves
    • Access to prisoners, prison facilities, or Imperial facilities
    • Black market buyers or sellers
  • Black Sun

    • Gather any other former Black Sun operatives
    • Formerly members of the Black Sun and they may have contacts to other former Black Sun splinter cells or the core remnants of the Black Sun organization

Normal Members:

Who comes here and why?

  • Devaronians
  • Thugs, ruffians, any anyone who would be good at smuggling
  • Those who may want to buy what they are selling

Organizational Outcasts:

Who does not belong here and why?

  • Imperials
  • Other criminal organizations
  • Anyone who objects to Devaronians, prisoner transport or running guns, spice or slaves

Elysium Syndicate

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