Illyse Aalanna

PC Name: Illyse Aalanna

Presence ~ 4

What makes them stand out or memorable: quirks, mannerisms, clothes, fetish?

Illyse, a stunningly beautiful Twi'lek with deep azure skin and bright green eyes, who spends her days and nights gallivanting across the stars in her ship, The Blue Syren, and landing in star ports all across the galaxy for a trading, info gathering, or a good game of Sabbac. She is a quite successful trader that can be found wherever there is good deal and Imperials, and she does what she can to bring any special deals to the less fortunate Outer Rim settlements or to the Rebellion if the situation presents itself.

Her head-turning beauty gives her an advantage in most situations and she has never shied away from using her feminine wiles to her advantage, to which Imperial arrogance can fall easy prey to. She has always been good with her words and her body and has never had an issue with doing what it takes to get what she wants. She does not have a mean streak, per se, but will choose what would be considered base or distasteful methods liking sleeping her way to get information or a to obtain a good deal on goods, to get things done – a con woman with a heart of gold.

You have not known the word undignified or repulsive until you have given a blowjob to a gamorean prince for a lucrative contract.

Illyse’s charms and skill at finding a good deal have been used to help further the Rebellion's cause. She definitely prefers the company of the more altruistic and loyal Rebellion and its members, but finds that boorish and arrogant company of Imperials a necessary annoyance for her work and for the Imperial money. She collects what info and goods she can and, when the opportunity presents itself, she passes it on to a rebellion contact or transfer point. She is not a member of the rebellion herself, but finds herself distinctly drawn to support the cause in any way she can. As an added benefit to helping the Rebellion, she enjoys the challenge of sticking it to the merciless Empire by attempting to avenge, at least in her mind and heart, the significant harms to the innocent of the galaxy.

Her life, led by using her feminine wiles for deals and working for the Rebellion, makes her a gambler of the first order, and, by virtue, she has a weakness for gambling games. Fortunately for her, she is good at it, but many times there have been some who are better at the table, and that has created problems for her when her beauty does not seem to sway those who want their, hopefully fairly earned, money.

Race/Gender: Twi’lek, Female

Occupation: Trader/Info Gatherer/Gambler/Con Woman

Organization: self-made trader

Associated Location(s):

  • The Blue Syren (her ship)
  • Imperial star ports
  • Outer Rim ports
  • Rebellion drop-off points
  • Gambling games and dens

Associated NPC’s

  • ?

Social Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Innocent Bystander, Rebel Sympathist

+ 2 bd

Rebels, Imperial Info

+ 3 bd

For Trade Deals

+ 1 sbd

Imperial Loyalist, Competitor

+ 2 sbd

An Imperial Agent, Trade Agent

+ 3 sbd

Known Imperial Agent who has really harmed others – killed innocent bystanders, destroyed medicine supplies, embargoes that caused starvation, etc…

Why is this NPC Useful or Interesting?
What do they hope to accomplish long term and short term? Why do you fear them?

Due to her personal magnetism and beauty, when she speaks, people listen and take notice, and could be a great distraction.

She has a kind heart for the innocent and those who suffer from the Empire’s merciless rule.

She has will do what it takes to get a good deal or incidental Imperial Intelligence.

She may have useful lovers in various ports to which she maintains for their resources or information.

She may have access to incidental info on the Empire or she may have a lead on a good deal.

She may have a lead on some juicy Imperial Intelligence and may need a hand in getting it or someone else to do the dirty work.

She is willing to help the Rebellion and hinder the Empire if she has a strong case for plausible deniability and as long as it does not greatly affect her business, for if she is out of business then there is not much she can do to help the cause.

Who do they at war with, thwart, avoid, not work with, and why?

see plot points

Who do they work with or support and why?

Rebellion, Innocent Bystanders, Lesser Outer Rim settlements

Plot Points:

What are the adventure hooks or what could drive an adventure here? What can you do for them? What do they have or have access to? What do they need? What can they do for you?

  • Illyse and the Blue Syren are well known throughout the star ports and being a part of her crew or being vouched for by her may give you an advantage or disadvantage depending on the situation
  • She may have access to incidental or important Imperial Intelligence
  • She may have information on an Imperial Agent to which she would like unsavory things to have happen to because of some severely unjust things perpetrated on the innocent or she may have inside information such acts
  • She may know how to get access to Imperial Intelligence and/or may need help getting it
  • She may have a good lead on a trade deal and/or may need some help getting it
  • She may be pursued by gamblers that are looking to get their money from her
  • She may be pursued by a lover in a port who is not happy with not being the only one
  • She may have an in to a gambling game, player, or den

Illyse Aalanna

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