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Major Locations

  • Argaron Nebula (Inner Rim, J14; north east corner)
  • Devaron (Colonies, M14; Devaronian home planet)
  • Gorse (Inner Rim [O10] south of Zeltros ; [canon] - Thallimide mining)




  • Captain Lynch (human, male, imperial, ISB)
  • Crakhis Nugnaaw (Devaronian gun runner in the Elysium Syndicate)
  • Illyse Aalanna (female, twi'lek, trader, rebellion)
  • Jya Duskbringer (female human general medical practitioner working on the Moonglow spaceport) 
  • Lt. Cmdr. Dalz Farrth (male, human, pilot, officer, imperial – racist and security minded, hates Wookies)
  • Mistake (M5-K3) (droid, doctor, independent – watch your limbs)

Main Page

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