Mistake (M5-3K)

NPC Name:    Mistake (M5-3K)
Race:              Droid (Farming)
Occupation:   Medical Driod
Organization:              ??

What makes them stand out or memorable: quirks, mannerisms, clothes, fetish?

As a towering example of a four-limbed industrial-agro droid, Mistake stands apart from most medical droids even if you do not take into account his atrocious bedside manner, a lack of anesthetic, no vocal box, and an over concern for the preservation of bacta.

As an agromech, he was originally designed and programmed to assist in pruning and managing fruit trees, but he was a little too chop happy – chopping off limbs or branches that did not perform well much earlier than he should in order to preserve water, harvesting work, or trunk health.

As a result of his predilection for early pruning, and his owner’s frugality, he was repurposed as a medical droid to work on healing the orchard’s slave labor force. Mistake’s memory was large enough for farming protocols and analysis, but was not large enough to fit in a complete medical droid program, although his over concern for the liquid preservation and preemptive limb pruning are personality traits that have carried over, much to everyone’s chagrin.

As far as medical droids go, he is still very good at his job, but he still tends to remove overly damaged limbs in order to preserve bacta in cases where removing the limb would be the more efficient answer. He has no bedside manner and no verbal interface. He does not use anesthetic nor prepare you for resetting a break. Soundlessly and coldlessly, he completes his diagnostics, then grabs his patient with two of his arms, while brusquely going to town healing as needed  with his other two – injecting, adjusting, and, possibly, pruning, just as if his patients were fruit trees – devoid of emotion or feeling, or a need to be concerned. His process is finished when you hear a final servo squawk as his protocols reset.

It is said by some of the slaves who have survived his healing treatments that ‘Your physical body will survive, but your mind may not.” Some have even stated that they feared they could end up as a limbless torso. Even with his memory being wiped and repurposed, he can still prune a mean fruit tree when he is completely bored.

Associated Location(s):

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Associated NPC’s

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Game Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Pruning fruit trees

+ 2 bd

Healing and medicine checks

+ 3 bd


+ 1 sbd


+ 2 sbd

Healing Damaged Limbs (preferably use threats from these rolls to initiate a crit to prune a damaged limb; convert net failure results to threats towards a crit to prune limb)

+ 3 sbd


Why is this NPC Useful or Interesting?
What do they hope to accomplish long term and short term? Why do you fear them?

Great healer with no bedside manner – industrial healing process
 Associated Organizations:
Who do they work with or support and why?
Who do they at war with, thwart, avoid, not work with, and why?

Who do they work with or support and why?
Plot Points:
What are the adventure hooks or what could drive an adventure here? What can you do for them? What do they have or have access to? What do they need? What can they do for you?

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Mistake (M5-3K)

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