Star Breaker (YV-929 Light Freighter)

Location Name: Star Breaker (YV-929 Light Freighter)

Dangerous Covenants (pg 53)

Weapons load out is heavily modified and has reinforced shields

Galactic Location: Anywhere through the more dangerous areas of the Mid and Outer Rim.


A well used and armed, but reliable cargo freighter.

Associated Planet: ??

Environmental Descriptors
sights, sounds, smells, feelings)

  • ?

Races: ??

Associated Organizations

  • ?

Associated NPC’s

  • ?

Location Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Who belongs here?

+ 2 bd

Actions w/bonus

+ 3 bd


+ 1 sbd

Who does not belongs here?

+ 2 sbd

Actions w/penalty

+ 3 sbd


Why is this Location Useful or Interesting?

Normal Patrons: Who comes here and why?

Location Outcasts: Who does not belong here and why?

Plot Points:
What are the adventure hooks or what could drive an adventure here?

  • ??

Star Breaker (YV-929 Light Freighter)

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