Sunland Base

Galactic Location:  Outer Rim+

In a fast elliptical orbit around a raging blue giant star somewhere not in the Outer Rim+


A sun-scorched planetoid is one of the best kept (or well-known depending on who you are) secrets in the galaxy – Sunland Base. Found in the heart of this planetoid, Sunland Base is known (in some circles) for its rather eccentric shipyard. Its pirate shipyard is a great spot for finding disparate ship parts of all makes and models – old and new, from blaster-scorched light lasers from Clone War era fighters to brand new nacelles from TIE Defenders – and, as a result, its station is a premier builder of ugly fighters and racers (if that is even a real thing). If you want to find multiple pieces of any given ship type then this is not the place for you.

In addition to its shipyard with an extensive collection of disparate ship parts the station also has fuel available below the market price (it IS stolen after all) and boasts a small though robust trading post which even carries a legit line of handbags from an exclusive Ithorian designer whose sales do strangely well here.

Sunland Base is found in the heart of a sun-baked planetoid with an extremely fast elliptical orbit (1 week) around its raging blue giant star. Entering or leaving the station can only be done through the planetoid’s shadow at the far end of its elliptical orbit. Elsewhere in its orbit leaves ships and crews vulnerable to massive radiation, powerful solar winds, and searing heat from a pulsing and active star which casts everything in a roiling yet cool blue hue. There is a 6 galactic standard hour period for entering or leaving the station. Those who do not make it out are stuck in the base until it comes back around in about one galactic standard week later.

The well-guarded entrance to the station is done through an enormous, well-lit but winding tunnel which is a difficult (VVV) piloting check to fly in with larger ships (max silhouette 6)  or when trying to fly in at the same time as larger ships (silhouette 5-6), For smaller ships, it is an easy check (v). Because of the short window to enter and leave the station, there are always crew members that get left behind (either accidentally or on purpose) and are desperate to get off the station before they run out of money and get indentured for their room and board. Theft is dealt a swift punishment of death. There must be some honor among thieves to keep the peace in the station. Murder is frowned upon and the punishment is the forfeiture of your ship, cargo, and/or indentured servitude/slavery depending on the severity or victim of the crime.

With indenturement or enslavement as a definite possibility here a small but prospering slave trade has sprung up, which is mostly keep on the down-low even for a pirate station, since it is possible that anyone here could be afflicted with it being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Indentured servants are considered separate from slaves since the servants do plan on, and are allowed to leave free once they have paid their dues or done their time. In the largest cantina, there is even a wall of pictures dedicated to those who have been indentured and successfully left to which people drink to and merrily make fun of as their stories scroll by. Slaves are, well, slaves – nothing more than another man’s property to be bought and sold as needed. The station does use some slaves, but not many. The management is not overly keen on having them since they bring a level of potential complication that is not desired, but sometimes they prove a necessary evil.

Associated Planet: planetoid

Environmental Descriptors:
(sights, sounds, smells, feelings)

  • Bright welding flashes
  • Oddly formed ships flying around
  • wheeling and dealing
  • docks
  • Fighting as a deal goes bad
  • Bookie taking bets on an out of system ugly race

Races:  any

Associated Organizations

  • ?

Associated NPC’s

  • ?

Location Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Buy or Sell fuel, buy designer Ithorian handbags

+ 2 bd

Sell ship parts, salvage work or locations, ugly racing news

+ 3 bd

Buy any sort of ship part

+ 1 sbd

Law Enforcement, stealing

+ 2 sbd


+ 3 sbd

Why is this Location Useful or Interesting?

  • Ship parts
  • Antique/historical parts
  • Uglies
  • Cheap fuel
  • Legit Ithorian designer handbags
  • Small slave trade
  • Hard to find and enter, and not well known

Normal Patrons: Who comes here and why?

  • looking for hard to find parts
  • Underground ugly racing scene news and center
  • Those trying to really hide
  • Ship repairs or fuel

Location Outcasts:
Who does not belong here and why?

  • Law Enforcement
  • Imperials
  • Ship purists

Sunland Base

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