Crakhis Nugnaaw

Race: male devaronian

Occupation: smuggler

Organization: Elysium Syndicate


Based out of his home planet of Devaron (M13 – Colonies), Crakhis, a gifted gun smuggler and seller, and former Black Sun gun runner, is active as a last tier operator specializing in smuggling guns for the Elysium Syndicate. His smuggling and dealing ship, a Citadel Class light freighter (eote pg 261) heavily modified for smuggling and cargo, is named the ‘Jith Nulu’ which is a Devaronian name and phrase which translates to ‘one  horned deal’. On the side, he also does some potentially legit transport work and occasionally smuggles for the Rebellion, so he can be found out-and-about in Duluur (M13) or in surrounding sectors.  

With the birth of his daughter 4 years ago and her recent never-ending sickness, he has gained a sympathy for the Rebellion and their cause due to their assistance in trying to help her manage the disease. From his prison and his criminal life he was gifted with two steady addictions: spice and gambling.


What makes them stand out or memorable: quirks, mannerisms, clothes, fetish, scars, cybernetics, pets?

For a Devaronian, he is tall, standing near 6’5”, but he is rather lanky. One of his horns is cut off near its base from an arms deal gone horribly wrong and the other one is horribly scarred from torture he received while in prison. Sometimes, when he does not want to stand out too much, he will wear a prosthetic horn so his armor, cloak, etc does not betray him, and sometimes the horn will contain something of use.

He dresses impeccably in the finest, although most durable, finery he can afford. He prefers the finer things in life, which has him fitting into the Syndicate better than he did with the Black Sun, but he also realizes that while living a life of crime shit gets real quickly, so you need to be mobile and ready to get really dirty or bloody at a moment’s notice. His clothes are a pleasing melange of high Devaronian style and the pragmatic utility of living a criminal’s life.

Do not mistake his fine clothes for weakness. If needed, he will cut your hands off himself or put a blaster to your back. In most cases, he prefers a resolution that would not get himself soiled and everyone walks away happy. Happy customers are returning customers.


Crakhis found his way into the Black Sun and, eventually, as a member of the Elysium Syndicate by trusting the wrong, albeit still criminal, people. He was imprisoned for trying to scam the wrong Imperial officer, the incorruptible Lt. Davis, as a part of his supposed “initiation test”. In other words, the group he was “interviewing” with needed a patsy. From that moment on he vowed to never let that happen again.

While in prison, he made contacts with the Black Sun, escaped, and then jumped on the first ship to travel to the Corellian Trade Spine where he spent his time building an impressive list of black market contacts. Eight years ago, after bringing the Black Sun a great arms deal with well-funded pirate group,  he officially joined their ranks as one of their top smugglers and dealers.

Four years ago with the death of Prince Xixor and the birth of the Elysium Syndicate, Crakhis chose the Syndicate since many of his Devaronian friends were members of the N'vinaask Devaronian “family” which started the Elysium Syndicate from the ashes of the Black Sun. Shortly after the coup had settled and the Syndicate was firmly in established, Crakhis’ daughter was born.

Associated Location(s):

  • His ship, the Jith Nulu
  • Devaron and surrounding sectors
  • Ports and space stations
  • Illicit drop points
  • Cantinas
  • Spice or gambling dens

Associated NPC’s

  • ??

Social Modifiers

+ 1 bd

Smugglers, gamblers, slavers, or buyers; Rebels or their sympathizers; medical professional

+ 2 bd

weapons, spice, or slaves

+ 3 bd


+ 1 sbd

General law enforcement, former Black Sun associates

+ 2 sbd


+ 3 sbd


Why is this NPC Useful or Interesting?

What do they hope to accomplish long term and short term? Why do you fear them or love them?

  • He is looking for buyers for guns and spice as well as lucrative legit contracts for prisoner/slave transport for which he could receive a healthy bonus for finding and passing on to his superiors
  • May know buyers for weapons, spice, or slaves
  • May know criminal contacts with the Syndicate or with the Black Sun

Associated Organizations:

Who do they work with or support and why?

  • Elysium Syndicate
  • Rebels
  • Black market buyers/sellers


Who do they at war with, thwart, avoid, not work with, and why?

  • Empire or law enforcement
  • Anyone interfering with business


Who do they work with or support and why?

  • Elysium Syndicate and its subsidiaries
  • Rebels

Crakhis Nugnaaw

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